Sitemap - 2023 - Public Notice

Jack Smith's new motion could obliterate Trump's DC strategy

Biden doesn't get enough credit for his economic record

Inside Kyiv's long, dark winter

Mark Meadows's loss could embolden right-wing prosecutors

How Gorsuch made the case for banning Trump from the ballot

Yes, Trump's new talking point is full on Nazi

Republican leaders are trashing diversity initiatives

Joe Biden's underrated presidency

Jack Smith goes all in

Brian Klaas on the "banality of crazy"

The Hunter Biden indictment *is* the product of weaponized justice

Rudy finally reaches the "find out" part

The last GOP debate offers voters a rancid buffet of bigotry

The GOP debates are down to the saddest final 4 ever

SCOTUS is making major decisions based on outright lies

Hunter Biden hands the hapless James Comer another L

A democracy that depends on Pence is a democracy in trouble

"We don't see Trump riding a bike": Kevin Kruse on age and '24

The ongoing destruction of the Voting Rights Act

Subscriber thread: Your take on 2024 polling

Erin Ryan on Republicans' abortion problem

How SCOTUS's "ethics code" provides cover for corruption

The CR is only a short break from Republicans' forever tantrum

Rudy’s Ukraine caper looks even worse now

Norm Ornstein on the GOP's embrace of radical Christian nationalism

Stephen Miller's "America First Legal" is more dangerous than you think

Trump's right, the system is RIGGED. In his favor.

Please get Ramaswamy off my TV, and other debate thoughts

Elections are more important than polls

How Republicans are using congressional maps to entrench their power

Trump's Truth Social page is a riot of witness intimidation

The GOP primary is climate policy disaster

The GOP voter suppression jamboree comes to North Carolina

The Christofascism of Mike Johnson

Jenna Ellis's long, strange trip to disgrace

The inmates elect their new asylum leader

The 8th Amendment is next

The House GOP's unlikely resistance fighter

Trump is gagged. Now what?

MAGA Republicans are normalizing violent threats

School vouchers are even worse than you think

The GOP refusal to condemn Menendez speaks volumes

How Trump played the Times like a fiddle

North Carolina's cautionary tale for purple states

Trump demands trial delay to wade through classified docs he stole

Republicans respond to attack on Israel by demonstrating their unfitness

Two years of Public Notice

Yoel Roth on Elon Musk gutting Twitter's election integrity team and what it means for 2024

Gagging Trump ... or not?

Kevin McCarthy is GOP incompetence made flesh

Four SCOTUS cases to watch this term

How Trump's fraudulent business practices finally came back to bite him

My expectations for the debate were low, but holy crap

"They've already succeeded": Will Bunch on the GOP's impeachment clown show

Biden is presiding over a labor renaissance

Trump lights his legal defenses on fire on Meet the Press

Republicans can’t pass bills for the same reason they support insurrection

How crisis pregnancy centers get millions in tax dollars to perpetuate lies

Aaron Rupar Show goes on hiatus

How not to interview Trump

The state of right-wing extremism nearly 3 years after J6

Wisconsin Republicans plot a shameless power grab

Mark Meadows lost big on Friday night. And so did Donald Trump.

The GOP's impeachment push is an attack on democracy

The surprisingly strong constitutional case for Trump's disqualification

How Trump still taps into America's cultural animus

Why Illinois eliminating cash bail is a big deal

Vivek Ramaswamy's "cold, cultural civil war"

Speaker Hortman reflects on two decades in the Minnesota legislature

Is Judge Cannon preparing to kneecap Trump's Florida documents case?

The Federalist Society's mugshots

Why you shouldn't sweat the 2024 polls — yet

Ruth Ben-Ghiat on how Trump turned the GOP into a personality cult

Takeaways from the GOP's two-ring debate night circus

The GOP debate shows that Trump's hostile takeover is complete

How Hunter Biden's plea deal became a huge cluster

Kevin Kruse on Florida's whitewashing of Black history

The many reasons prominent Democrats won't primary Biden

A longtime DeSantis scribe dissects his collapsing campaign

No "reset" will fix what's wrong with DeSantis

Trump's Fulton County indictment, unpacked

PEPFAR and the death knell of bipartisan cooperation

Ohio's rejection of Issue 1 shows how toxic abortion has become for the GOP

A former RNC researcher on the RNC's reality distortion field

The 5 lawyers you meet in Trumpland

Kevin McCarthyism: Why the GOP's culture war on the troops will end badly

Mike Pence shows how Trump destroys everything he touches

Liz Dye unpacks Trump's J6 indictment

Trump's J6-related indictment isn't about his words. It's about his deeds.

Trump's superseding indictment paints a picture of a ridiculous Mar-a-Lago clown show

Republicans like the hate DeSantis is selling. They just don't like him.

Jay Black on the state of right-wing comedy: "The one joke thing is absolutely true"

Trump's aggressive legal strategies keep backfiring spectacularly

How Judge Aileen Cannon can still do Trump's bidding during his documents trial

Republicans love RFK Jr. because his conspiracy theories are theirs

Simon Rosenberg on how Dems can finish off the MAGA movement in '24

Josh Gondelman on the writers' strike

How Tucker's "FedEpps" conspiracy theory led to Fox News's latest legal mess

A Trump judge turned the Twitter Files into federal policy

Juliet Jeske on Tucker Carlson's floundering Twitter show

Fox News won't let new facts get in the way of a good conspiracy

Tuberville shows how far the GOP will go to impose unpopular policies

How SCOTUS halted progress on numerous fronts this session

Note to readers/holiday week subscriber thread

Twitter's threat to the 2024 election is coming from inside the house

The right's shameless Hunter Biden obsession

SCOTUS just blocked a dangerous GOP attack on democracy

The breathtaking hypocrisy of Alito

Trump's favorite defense in the documents case has more holes than an old sock

Accepting Joe Rogan's invitation to "debate" RFK Jr. is a sucker's bet

The charlatan who has Trump's ear

Will orange skies convince people to act on climate change?

Ron DeSantis's charisma problem

Tim Mak on reporting from war-torn Ukraine

Jack Smith's indictment unmasks Trump as a complete and utter buffoon

In shocking twist, Roberts and Kavanaugh block the march toward one-party rule

These are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand

The Supreme Court's "deal with the devil"

Noah Berlatsky on Trumpism and why it's a fascist movement

An uncomfortable truth about GOP anti-trans bigotry

Congress used to pass laws. Now we're a nation of executive orders.

Minnesota Democrats' historic legislative session

Nikki McCann Ramírez on detoxing from Tucker

Kevin McCarthy releases the hostage — this time

Biden is boldly reshaping the federal judiciary

The (many) perils of a debt default, explained by an economist

Ron Filipkowski on why DeSantis "absolutely" can still beat Trump

How Twitter became a haven for climate misinformation

The Democratic upset in Jacksonville is a product of the GOP's war on cities

Tim Mak on reporting from Ukraine 15 months into Putin's war

What Elon Musk gets wrong about content moderation

Daniel Penny shows how much the right loves white vigilante violence

Why Smartmatic's case against Fox News is even stronger than Dominion's

CNN's Trump town hall was a fascist ritual

The land of authoritarian politics with Brian Klaas

A brief history of the right-wing scheme to corrupt the Supreme Court

The Republican war on higher education

A historian's view on the first indictment of a former POTUS

Why a debt default would be monumentally stupid

Oliver Willis on why Dark Brandon is the babyface Democrats need

Fox's obsession with Biden's polling misses the point

Nikki Haley and the politics of faux-moderation

How Ron DeSantis's presidential bid blew up before it even started

A golden age for Minnesota Dems with J. Patrick Coolican

No, Tucker Carlson is not a free speech martyr

Suddenly, the GOP wants to pack some courts

Nebraska students rise up against anti-trans bigotry

Dan Froomkin on press accountability in the Trump era

Inside DeSantis’s war on public education

The Dominion lawsuit is not going well for Fox News

Gloria Johnson speaks out on her near-expulsion from the Tennessee legislature

Republicans are coming for the right to interstate travel

Kat Abu on her viral TikToks, Tucker Carlson's surreal Trump interview, and more

A brief primer on why Clarence Thomas doesn't give a damn about ethics

The federal judiciary's grave legitimacy crisis

LIV Golf is Saudi Arabia's reputation laundering service

Aaron and Thor Benson talk Stormy Daniels, Elon Musk, creeping authoritarianism, and more

Don't let the media's Trump obsession distract you from rising red state fascism

No, the deep state didn't indict Trump

The future of red state abortion rights might be through their Supreme Courts

The GOP's gun obsession goes deeper than campaign donations

Decoding Fox News with Juliet Jeske

Trump and DeSantis have the same authoritarian plan to "drain the swamp"

Red state Republicans are rolling back child labor laws

David Lurie on why Trump's hush payments are actually "a very big deal"

Trump paid off Stormy Daniels to subvert democracy

Trump's looming indictment, explained by a legal expert

Republicans attack "woke banks" to remind you they’re a party of hate

Brian Tyler Cohen on state of the GOP and interviewing Biden

Wisconsin conservatives reward a Trump coup plotter

Why an indictment may actually boost Trump's campaign

Tucker Carlson knows his viewers want to be lied to

Marisa Kabas on George Santos's many scandals

Biden's only primary challenger (so far) actually shows Biden's strength

DeSantis declares war on the free press

For Fox, "January 6 was the cost of doing business"

Check out the first episode of the Aaron Rupar Show

SCOTUS humors weak arguments against student debt relief

Democrats should call the GOP's East Palestine bluff

A new front in the right's war on public education

Marjorie Taylor Greene's "national divorce" is white supremacy

The profound stakes of Putin's treachery

Important lessons from Minnesota's new abortion rights law

Nikki Haley, like DeSantis, is afraid to confront Trump

Fox News's shameless lying for Rick Scott

Bill Barr, Trump's legal enabler, needs to be investigated

Dems rally behind Biden — and the political press weeps

How a Texas judge could disrupt access to medication abortion

Parker Molloy on the mainstream media's anti-trans bias

"The reality is most people can only see as far as their lived experience"

Crypto's shaky foundation

Why is America so obsessed with conspiracy theories?

The United States of Neglect

Marisa Kabas on being fully immersed in George Santos's lies

McCarthy turns House Oversight into a Tucker panel

Hochul bipartisans herself into a mess

Kat Abu on why Tucker Carlson can't be ignored

How Trump's "just joking" defense poisoned the GOP

It can (and almost did) happen here

Republicans bow to extremists, again

Donald Trump is losing juice

The humiliation of Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy's appeasement of MAGA nihilists won't end well