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An uncomfortable truth about GOP anti-trans bigotry

Congress used to pass laws. Now we're a nation of executive orders.

Minnesota Democrats' historic legislative session

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What Elon Musk gets wrong about content moderation

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The land of authoritarian politics with Brian Klaas

A brief history of the right-wing scheme to corrupt the Supreme Court

The Republican war on higher education

A historian's view on the first indictment of a former POTUS

Why a debt default would be monumentally stupid

Oliver Willis on why Dark Brandon is the babyface Democrats need

Fox's obsession with Biden's polling misses the point

Nikki Haley and the politics of faux-moderation

How Ron DeSantis's presidential bid blew up before it even started

A golden age for Minnesota Dems with J. Patrick Coolican

No, Tucker Carlson is not a free speech martyr

Suddenly, the GOP wants to pack some courts

Nebraska students rise up against anti-trans bigotry

Dan Froomkin on press accountability in the Trump era

Inside DeSantis’s war on public education

The Dominion lawsuit is not going well for Fox News

Gloria Johnson speaks out on her near-expulsion from the Tennessee legislature

Republicans are coming for the right to interstate travel

Kat Abu on her viral TikToks, Tucker Carlson's surreal Trump interview, and more

A brief primer on why Clarence Thomas doesn't give a damn about ethics

The federal judiciary's grave legitimacy crisis

LIV Golf is Saudi Arabia's reputation laundering service

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No, the deep state didn't indict Trump

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Decoding Fox News with Juliet Jeske

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Red state Republicans are rolling back child labor laws

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Trump paid off Stormy Daniels to subvert democracy

Trump's looming indictment, explained by a legal expert

Republicans attack "woke banks" to remind you they’re a party of hate

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Wisconsin conservatives reward a Trump coup plotter

Why an indictment may actually boost Trump's campaign

Tucker Carlson knows his viewers want to be lied to

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Marjorie Taylor Greene's "national divorce" is white supremacy

The profound stakes of Putin's treachery

Important lessons from Minnesota's new abortion rights law

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Fox News's shameless lying for Rick Scott

Bill Barr, Trump's legal enabler, needs to be investigated

Dems rally behind Biden — and the political press weeps

How a Texas judge could disrupt access to medication abortion

Parker Molloy on the mainstream media's anti-trans bias

"The reality is most people can only see as far as their lived experience"

Crypto's shaky foundation

Why is America so obsessed with conspiracy theories?

The United States of Neglect

Marisa Kabas on being fully immersed in George Santos's lies

McCarthy turns House Oversight into a Tucker panel

Hochul bipartisans herself into a mess

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How Trump's "just joking" defense poisoned the GOP

It can (and almost did) happen here

Republicans bow to extremists, again

Donald Trump is losing juice

The humiliation of Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy's appeasement of MAGA nihilists won't end well