May 11 • 37M

The land of authoritarian politics with Brian Klaas

"The second you use the right framework to understand Trump ... all the stuff starts to fall into place. If you look at the land of normal politics, nothing makes sense."

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Aaron Rupar
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This week’s episode of the Aaron Rupar Show features one of my favorite political scientists — Brian Klaas of University College London, who I interviewed for the very first edition of Public Notice.

Klaas explains why grasping the distinction between “the land of normal politics” and “the land of authoritarian politics” is key to understanding Trump. We also discuss the similarities between the contemporary US and other teetering democracies, as well as what Democrats can do to fight back against a Republican Party that’s incapable of shaking Trumpism.

Klaas has expertise both in political campaigning and democratic breakdown, so he brings a lot of insight about this fraught moment in American politics. Listen to the audio of our conversation above, or watch the footage below via my YouTube page.

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I’ll be back with much more tomorrow about CNN’s disgraceful Trump town hall. Until then, I hope you enjoy the pod.