May 18 • 35M

What Elon Musk gets wrong about content moderation

"He approaches Twitter almost like a disgruntled Parlor user," Adam Kovacevich tells me.

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Aaron Rupar
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This week’s episode of the Aaron Rupar Show features tech policy expert Adam Kovacevich, founder and CEO of the Chamber of Progress. We discuss artificial intelligence and how it could impact the 2024 elections, controversies swirling around TikTok, what Elon Musk gets wrong about content moderation, why Adam is a fan of self-driving cars, and much more.

Adam brings a lot of clarity and insight to complicated issues that are big topics in Congress right now, so I hope you’ll find the conversation as enlightening as I did. Listen to it above, or watch the footage below via my Youtube page.

New episodes of the show drop each Thursday morning. Next week’s will feature my first ever two-time guest — Florida man Ron Filipkowski. We’ll surely talk a lot of right-wing politics in general and the DeSantis/Trump race in particular.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with a Q&A with Tim Mak, an independent journalist covering the war in Ukraine who I connected with while he was in Kyiv. Until then, I hope you enjoy the pod.