Sitemap - 2022 - Public Notice

What trying to access abortion care is like here in post-Dobbs Missouri

Historian Allan Lichtman's view on the first two years of the Biden presidency

Ron DeSantis is the future of the GOP — and that's bad news for Republicans

Linette Lopez sounds off on her Twitter suspension

Trump-resistant, not Trump-proof

The upsides (and downsides) of angering one of the world's richest men

Hunter Walker on Mark Meadows’s texts and what he expects from the final J6 report

Yes, my Twitter account was permanently suspended

Elon Musk's reactionary populism

Dan Froomkin on the state of political journalism

Oliver Willis on why the Herschel Walker campaign made him sick

Ron DeSantis is not moderate

How Bannon and Trump normalized antisemitic bigotry

The Trump/Ye dinner suggests the GOP primary will be worse than you think

Kevin McCarthy's lies speak volumes

The rote GOP response to mass shootings is nonsense even on the most charitable interpretation

Molly Jong-Fast on why she'll keep tweeting until the lights go out

Why the new special counsel is actually bad news for Trump

Dems shouldn't celebrate Trump's return to Twitter, even if his tweets are enormously unpopular

Republicans view 2017-2021 as a golden age. That makes it hard to run against Trump.

40 seconds from Trump's mess of a campaign launch speech that stuck with me

Is Elon Musk evil or simply a fool?

Trump's terrible week, explained

The red wave that wasn't

Vote! But here's how to advance progressive causes even if Dems lose the midterms

What Bolsonaro's loss means for the broader fight against right-wing authoritarianism

The GOP has embraced violence as a political tactic

When Elon Musk owns speech, it isn't free

The right thinks it gets to decide who is Jewish

Kevin Kruse says this really is the most important election of your life

Democrats used to be all about big ideas. Then economists took over.

NORML on the next steps toward federal cannabis legalization

The E. Jean Carroll case exposes the violence and lawlessness of Trump's GOP

Kari Lake is how democracies die

In 5 profane words, Roger Stone summed up the coup plan a week before Trump put it into action

The harassment campaign against Boston Children's shows how fascist violence is crowdsourced online

Chris Geidner on SCOTUS's legitimacy crisis

Why Biden's marijuana decriminalization move is a BFD

Republicans think abortion is murder. Except when a GOP Senate candidate reportedly pays for one.

One year of Public Notice

Reforming the filibuster isn't as simple as just adding two Dem senators

Will Sommer on Trump's increasingly shameless QAnon outreach

Trump totally decomposes on Fox News

DeSantis's cruel Martha's Vineyard stunt is a prime example of MAGA vice signaling

Trump leans in to the cult of personality

The GOP's latest bugaboo? Fentanyl!

Chomsky, Greenwald, and left apologists for Russia look very foolish now

Jay Rosen on the mess at CNN and the perils of "both sides" journalism

How the GOP's biggest judicial victory in a generation could doom them on Election Day

Flawed special master ruling shows that when you have the courts, you can get away with anything

Trump spent Thursday demonstrating why Biden's primetime speech was right on target

Biden is addressing the root cause of the student debt crisis — conservative ideology

Trump defenders were conspicuous by their absence on the Sunday shows

Dems won a key special election. Why that's (maybe) not great news for Joe Biden.

That National Archives letter released by a MAGA outlet backfired spectacularly

Dan Crenshaw's defense of Trump is a talking point in search of facts

If you don't prosecute Trump, he will continue committing crimes

Trumpworld incites the MAGA lunatic fringe against the FBI

Rick Hasen on why reforming the Electoral Count Act is necessary but not sufficient

The case for the DCCC taking out so-called "moderate" Republicans

Tweets that have aged extremely poorly, FBI executes search warrant at Mar-a-Lago edition

Trump supporters overlook a key fact about the FBI's Mar-a-Lago search

Even the guy in charge of electing Republicans can't defend GOP Senate candidates

"Travel patterns have shifted": the Chicago Abortion Fund on being a Midwest oasis of reproductive care

Joe Manchin triggers Fox News

One Fox News Sunday clip illustrates the fundamental divide between the parties

"It's easy to avoid the news": the J6 committee tries to break through our fractured media ecosystem

Jurors should nullify forced birth laws

TPUSA's Student Action Summit was the WrestleMania of crude misogyny

New footage of Trump struggling through his January 7 video message says it all

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are trying to have it both ways

Should Dems go on Fox? Buttigieg's latest interview shows why watchdogs think it's dicey

Biden's response to Roe's overturning has been inadequate. Here's how he could do more.

Liz Cheney dropped the biggest bombshell of the latest January 6 hearing right at the end

It's been an extremely embarrassing week for newspaper opinion pages

Tyrants in robes: SCOTUS's right-wing majority isn't even bothering with trying to persuade you

Watch Aaron's appearance on MSNBC

Mark Follman on a disastrous summer for "good guys with guns"

To defend democracy, you need to defend trans people

We already knew Trump is reckless, selfish, and immoral. We didn't know how bad it got on January 6.

Kristi Noem's ghoulish Sunday TV tour showed how hard women's lives will become in deep red states

How the latest J6 hearing added to Trump's legal jeopardy, explained by Ryan Goodman

Here are some of the lucky winners of the Save America PAC lottery

Rusty Bowers's stand against the Trump pressure campaign and other takeaways from the fourth Jan. 6 hearing

Cheney's belief in Trumpers going down in "dishonor" feels good. But history doesn't work that way.

Trump was told Pence rejecting the election results was illegal — but he kept pressuring him to do it anyway

America's gun sickness goes far deeper than NRA donations

"The big ripoff": the J6 committee's revelation about a fake Trump election defense fund, explained

Trump shouldn't have listened to a "definitely intoxicated" Rudy Giuliani

Trump's direct involvement in a coup plotting session and other big takeaways from the first Jan. 6 hearing

The simple case for expanding the Supreme Court

Judd Legum on following the money in an era of Republican extremism

Stop blaming Susan Sarandon. The problem is the Senate.

Almost everything Texas police initially said about the Uvalde shooting was false

Student debt relief isn’t the key to victory at the polls for Democrats. Biden should do it anyway.

Straight talk from Oliver Willis on lessons from 22 years of progressive blogging

Welcome to the world, baby Owen

Sean Hannity, Lyin' Ted, and Lindsey Graham in the Fox News multiverse of madness

I listened to what Republican governors said about abortion on Sunday. It's grim stuff.

The press loves "Dems in disarray." But GOP infighting is far more consequential.

Important Public Notice update. Don't worry — it's good news!

"There are no realistic offramps": a Russianist on the danger of a cornered Putin

The very simple reason Republicans are railing against leaks instead of celebrating the seeming demise of Roe

"He's a massive troll": Elon Musk's bid to buy Twitter, explained

Weekend subscriber thread: what stories am I missing?

Meadows's texts show Trump supporters workshopping January 6 lies during Capitol attack

Rand Paul parrots Russian propaganda, suggests Ukraine had it coming

Kevin McCarthy lies about lying

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t remember anything and you can’t prove she does

An essential insight about propaganda

Trump's 2019 meeting with Zelensky was disgraceful at the time and seems even worse now

Why are oiled musclemen drinking raw eggs for Tucker Carlson?

Mike Lee's texts and the coup in search of a legal theory

Ron DeSantis loves using very young kids as political props

Fox News responded to the Jared Kushner bombshell with nonstop Hunter Biden talk

Don Jr wrote it all down — again

Polling from a society in decline

Check out this big 2014 feature I did on the rich history of pro wrestling in Minnesota

RIP Eric Boehlert. His voice will be missed.

Anatomy of a smear

An authoritarianism scholar on DeSantis as "the ultimate agent for the normalization of extremism"

I spent all weekend being a punching bag for Trumpers. Here's why I have no regrets.

Fox News brought up Hunter Biden twice an hour this week. What they ignored also speaks volumes.

Mick Mulvaney is a liar. Why did CBS hire him?

"Conspiracy theories are threaded into the Republican Party itself"

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't care about bathroom safety, she's just homophobic

"It's constituent service, but the constituency is nuts."

Lindsey Graham said Jackson's hearing wouldn't be a circus. Then he laced up his clown shoes.

The best moment of Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearing had nothing to do with politics

Friday began with the Kremlin praising Fox News. It ended with Fox spreading Kremlin propaganda.

Biden calls malarkey on people blaming him for high gas prices. He has a point.

One tweet shows how Tucker Carlson shamelessly moves the goalposts

Trump is so clearly running for president that people are complaining to the FEC about it

Tucker Carlson's useful idiocy

A congressman, a senator, and a journalist talk about social media and the Twitter echo chamber

Reader Notice: Biden's handling of the crisis created by Putin's war on Ukraine

Bill Barr's profile in cowardice

Pence says there's "no room" in GOP for Putin apologists. Let's check the tape.

Putin fights the propaganda war at home

Republicans are hoping you have amnesia about Donald Trump and Ukraine

Unforgettable footage from a day in Russia's war on Ukraine

Beyond parody: the clown show that was CPAC 2022

Trump thought US troops are fighting Russians in Ukraine. Really.

Rick Scott's loony GOP policy blueprint

Kevin Kruse on the GOP's Presidents' Day embrace of Richard Nixon

Ted Cruz's Ottawa lie and the right-wing misinformation pipeline

Fox News's Hillary Clinton obsession backfired

Maria Bartiromo is hopelessly lost in the conspiracy theory fever swamp

How Fox News manufactured a Hillary Clinton spying scandal

Should we just ignore Donald Trump?

Why Putin wants to invade Ukraine

How a bad Free Beacon piece about crack pipes triggered Fox News

Trump is now in hot water for mishandling classified information, because of course he is

Kevin McCarthy is racing away from reporters to avoid talking about January 6

Fox News is helping Republicans bury the RNC's embrace of insurrection

Marco Rubio's incredible cowardice, in one video clip

Fox & Friends preemptively hammered Biden for a bad jobs report. They were only off by 750k jobs.

Ted Cruz's passion for public self-owns

Trump's unintentionally hilarious fundraising emails, explained

Susan Collins is shocked to learn that politics are part of SCOTUS nominations

Trump yelled the quiet part all weekend. Republicans keep making excuses for him anyway.

You won't see a more dishonest tweet than the RNC's latest Biden smear

You have to see this clip of DeSantis's surgeon general obfuscating about vaccines

JD Vance, Josh Mandel, and the GOP's race to the bottom

Tucker Carlson is on Russia's side

A timeline of the martial law order Trump didn't want to turn over to the Jan. 6 committee

Joni Ernst didn't exactly refute Biden's claim about the GOP standing for nothing

"Journalists who write about Fox News don’t watch Fox News"

How Fox & Friends changed Bobby Lewis, the Media Matters writer who helped us through the Trump years

Coverage of OAN's likely demise reminds us that conspiracy theories are not "conservative"

Trump's attack on "gutless" DeSantis is the opening salvo of the 2024 GOP primary

Fauci accused Rand Paul of politicizing the pandemic for profit. And he had receipts.

Peter Doocy learned nothing from getting Covid

A big weekend for political journalism blunders

Tucker Carlson's incredible humiliation of Ted Cruz

January 6 was about ending democracy. Republicans told us as much.

What we learned from the Hannity texts released by the Jan. 6 committee

MTG's Covid misinformation is impossible to defend. McCarthy went for it anyway.