Sitemap - 2021 - Public Notice

Reader thread: What does 2022 have in store for us?

The best thing about 2021 was that it wasn't 2020

Trump's unintentionally hilarious War on Christmas victory declaration

GOP governors' covid messaging is a mess. Even Trump seems like a leader by comparison.

A sobering reminder

Joe Manchin chose a notable time and place to flip the bird to his party

Republican lawmakers' texts show how deeply they were involved in Jan. 6 coup plotting

It took Fox News a day to figure out how to spin their anchors being exposed as frauds

Meadows's texts: Fox News hosts were appalled by Jan. 6 before they decided to downplay it

Unpacking the pro-coup PowerPoint that wound up in Mark Meadows's emails

"No city is safe": Fox News loses its mind over a Christmas tree fire

Marjorie Taylor Greene inverts reality, claims insurrectionists are victims of racism

Let's talk about that weird Politico piece about Kamala Harris's headphones

It's not just you. The media really has had it out for Biden lately.

Weekend subscriber Q&A and open thread

Reader thread: What would a post-Roe America look like?

Unpacking the revelation that Trump tested positive for Covid before he debated Biden

Russia's descent into authoritarianism and what we can learn from it

Fauci, unleashed

Boebert challenging Madison Cawthorn to a sprint was bizarre. But it was more than that.

The latest Sunday shows demonstrated how not to handle misinformation-spreading Republicans

The big tell in Ted Cruz's comments to CBS about election “fraud"

Kevin McCarthy's weird 8.5-hour rant contained little talk about the actual BBB bill. That wasn't an accident.

The Paul Gosar censure hearing painted a very bleak picture of the Republican Party

Chris Christie's absurd cable news blitz would be funny if it wasn't kinda sad

Parker Molloy on what years of immersion in right-wing media does to your brain

Fox News's shamelessly dishonest attack on President Biden

What's up with the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?

Does it even matter that the Trump administration brazenly shredded a federal law?

Biden's complicated relationship with the Catholic Church, explained by an expert

How I became the Twitter video thread guy

I guess the ghost of Hugo Chavez took the night off, and other takeaways from Tuesday's elections

How the New York Times laundered right-wing propaganda in a piece about Glenn Youngkin

Paid subscriber Q&A with Aaron

Republicans have degraded congressional hearings into opportunities to craft the perfect Hannity clip

About that bonkers Madison Cawthorn speech accusing Dr. Fauci of torturing puppies

Jim Banks confuses bigotry for a cause

Media Notice: Cavuto pleads with Fox viewers to get vaccinated, Blunt's cowardice, and more

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto made a personal plea to get vaccinated — but you wouldn't know it from watching Fox News

Both Fox News and Newsmax came for Jen Psaki on Tuesday. It backfired.

Covid vaccines do not offer absolute protection against death. They're still worth taking.

The hollowness at the core of Adam Kinzinger's anti-Trumpism

American kleptocracy and why Trump embodies it, explained by an expert

Reader Notice: how should journalists cover Trump?

Why haven't Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity quit over Fox News's vaccine policy?

What Trump is really saying in his Ashli Babbitt birthday video

A tale of two Sunday shows

Thoughts on Trump's rally in Des Moines and the value of Trump coverage more broadly

The ridiculous "controversy" over Fauci's Christmas comments shows how the fake outrage cycle works

Right-wing pages suddenly disappeared from Facebook's top 10. But don't be fooled.

Reader Notice: how pessimistic are you about US democracy?

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