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Thank you for this introduction and interview! Tim Mak has a very useful and wonderful area of how to report on this devastating war. Reading the personal stories mean a lot. It's hard to believe that Russians have any morale themselves, nor morals, to be supporting this senseless losing war as they sit comfortably unshaken by bombs raining down on them. They have sacrificed their young and have to reckon that. I hope that the pressure on Ukrainians to accomplish miracles in this coming counteroffensive will not be too great and cause a loss of heart and will on the part of the allies and support. I look for the light at the end of this. Thank you Aaron and Tim...

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Thank you Tim for your reports on the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦. I

subscribed to your Substack and

look forward to seeing more from

inside Ukraine.

And thank you Aaron for bringing this young man to our attention.

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