And white supremacy. The Republican Party stands for white supremacy, which is why Kinzinger can blithely refer to "God and puppies" as commensurate with historically denied voting rights of black people. Kinzinger seemed to immediately reject the premise of unfair voting practices anywhere in America because "history changes." This guy is not only a Congressman, but he's a Colonel in the AF. What hope is there? I really don't care that he opposes Trump. He's still firmly in the white supremacist camp as is Cheney, Manchin, and Sinema. It's 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. They are not much better than the Marmalade Moron. Trump just said the quiet part out loud.

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The argument that you, Aaron, are having with Kinzinger is exactly the kind of argument that we Republicans had with Democrats, pre-Trump.

I abhor absolutely everything about Trump. I contend that Trump has made it much harder, not easier, to defend Republican positions on election law reforms. I am a Republican who voted for Biden, and who will never vote for any Republican who claims that Trump’s re-election was somehow “stolen.”

But the John Lewis Voting Rights wasn’t just a bad bill; it was probably an unconstitutional bill. I.e., taking redistricting away from state legislatures who don’t wish to surrender that function under Arizona Legislature v. Arizona Redistricting Commission. Etc., etc.

Kinzinger was right, and he was making a great deal of sense in what you ignored as “word salad.”

Shame on you for this superficial take.

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