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Public Notice is the online home for Aaron Rupar’s coverage of politics and media, featuring his reporting and pieces from a wonderful cast of contributors.

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Over three years at Vox, Aaron established himself as one of the foremost chroniclers of Trumpism, explaining what’s happening on the American right for a largely progressive audience. He immersed myself in right-wing media and watched Trump rallies so you didn’t have to. And he still does that here, with some help from friends.

Public Notice is fair, but not impartial. We think democracy and fair elections are good things and, unlike a lot of mainstream coverage, am not shy about saying so — or about holding major outlets accountable when they equivocate.

The author collaborates on a post with his daughter.

We cover the full gamut of American politics, with a focus on the Republican Party’s turn against democracy and the media ecosystem that enables it. Public Notice situates day-to-day developments within that macro context.

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Press the button above to subscribe and never miss a thing. Recent highlights include in-depth explainers of the Trump indictments, renown historian Kevin Kruse on the whitewashing of Black history, Aaron and Judd Legum teaming up to unpack how Fox News won’t let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy, a takedown of the idea that prominent Democrats should primary Joe Biden, and much more.

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The next few years in American politics promise to be a bumpy but fascinating ride. I hope you’ll join me as we navigate it together.

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Lisa Needham is an attorney and freelance writer specializing in covering reproductive health issues and the federal courts. You can find her other writing at Rewire, Balls & Strikes, and Dame Magazine.
Politics and arts writer. My son once described me as a “play typer guy,” which is the name of my newsletter and podcast.
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