Apparently, Dershowitz has no understanding of the First Amendment.

Fox is a private company, not a government, and can fire anyone they wish to. Tucker has not been "silenced", his First Amendment rights have not been violated, he's just been removed from one platform. He can always go on Newsmax or anywhere else and spout his lies and conspiracies.

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I can't figure out Dershowitz. To me, it seems that he went all-in on ”Originalism” as a legal theory. In the past, I've seen and read this guy lay out excellent legal arguments. Now it seems like he's trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

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Although a number of estimates have been made about Carlson's compensation at Fox, Jemima McEvoy at Forbes puts the figure at upwards of $20 million per year. Carlson’s contract was renewed in 2021, and the Wall Street Journal reported he will be paid out for the remaining term, which is (apparently) about another 12 months. (Carlson was negotiating a multiyear extension at the time of his firing).

It has been reported, and backed up by others who were in similar situations with Fox, that Fox does honor those payout agreements with conditions. Any compensation gained with a non-competitor is deducted. Any compensation with a competitor negates the entire amount "owed". This is consistent with typical non-competition clauses written into contract employment agreements (although many prohibit employment with a competitor for some period of time).

My point is that Tucker Carlson's "voice" is dependent on his desire for continued compensation from Fox (for staying silent!). There is also speculation that outlets like Newsmax and OAN cannot afford his payrate, along with the legal liabilities he might present. OAN has already floated a $25 million offer without a lot of other details. How long will Tucker stay silent? I would say that is based first on his greed, and second on his ego. At least that is what he demonstrated repeatedly at Fox.

Thanks to legal firm Susman Godfrey (including partners Justin Nelson and Davida Brook), Alexandria, Va.-based Clare Locke, and Delaware's Farnan LLP for releasing much of the deposition materials revealing Fox depravity on multiple fronts.

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Apr 28, 2023·edited Apr 28, 2023

There is no logic to Dershowitz... nor morality. He's an attention seeker using his Harvard label. He goes to Newsmax, is more a fool.

Carlson earned $20 million year? and is getting another $20 million to pay off his contract. Fox rewarded him handsomely for his "talents".

Fox/Murdoch has no concern about the evil they produce. They've been nurturing the worst in their viewers. Now we hear they are afraid of the beast they helped create and that they had to keep feeding it because it made money. It was a partnership with Trump.

Carlson and the other hosts were speaking sort of privately perhaps feeling resentment/ the hypocricy/the self contradiction or anger that they were so compromised internally. They were confessing to each other while bad mouthing, blaming their boss/es. But it was they who picked up their pay.

This interpretation of "free speech" is ruining us. We are finding out how vulnerable people are and how vulnerable our democracy is. Free speech that contains lies, pumped up hate and anger is so appealing; people feed off of it and are addicted to it. We have no law against this. It is tearing us apart. And so we are left with such as the Dominion case to start some chain reaction. We are really defenseless.

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The mark of respecting free speech is tolerating other people speaking opposing views. That’s a pretty stiff test of character. Quite a few leftists fail it. In my experience very large numbers of conservatives fail it. I also note that many people seem to think that forthrightly expressing an opinion and especially a disagreement is not the same as silencing or cancelling another view point.

We will never know why Tucker Carlson was sacked. I can’t believe it was for spreading the Big Lie because otherwise they’d have had to be a massive purge on the Fox program. That said if right wing conservatives are angry with Rupert Murdoch for cancelling free speech I can live with it! I’m no Hindu but the word Karma comes to mind.

PS the metaphor “worms rarely spontaneously grow spines’ was a ripper! Aaron is a good writer but I don’t think he’s come up with as good a one yet.

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Ts, TC.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The First Amendment does not protect lies and misinformation.

But who and/or what protects the country from these same things? Education, the judiciary, legitimate journalism don't seem able to. Scary.

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