The unmitigated gall of Trump; may he be the worst President that we have ever had-past tense. He asks Zelensky, the better human being by far, the less corrupt for sure, to do him a favor. Trump has some nerve lecturing Zelensky about corruption. the word "ironic" does not do this justice. Thanks for the memory.

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tfg saying it 'would be a tremendous achievement' if Zelenskyy and Putin came to an agreement means he thought it would be an achievement FOR HIM because it happened while he was in the WH. Wishing for that Nobel Peace Prize again.

Then tfg goes on with "This isn't like maybe he did it, maybe he didn't. He's on tape." Yeah, and tfg learned how to do LOTS of things "on tape" knowing the GOP would let him get away with it. Then he was impeached. Twice. And no, Sen Collins, he hasn't learned his lesson.

Will tfg supporters/voters ever be able to look back (even when it's "on tape" for the world to see) and admit what an embarrassment he was? There was no doubt who was a real leader of his country between Zelenskyy and tfg back in 2019. And there certainly isn't now in 2022.

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