Thank you. How close we came, and might still come, to real upheaval!

Re the Ukraine, I think we have to not rule out anything with regard to Putin. We are also playing chicken with the EU as well-Germany especially- part of NATO. They and the UN must do their part.

Putin makes NATO necessary, ironically. He can veto at the UN. But he needs strong response. Putin is untrustworthy, has already defied international law by taking Crimea in 2014 and fomenting war, threatening Ukraine .

This is, partly at least, a reverberation of Trump's destructive presidency in regard to foreign relations making us look weak and untrustworthy.

Putin, remember, helped Trump in 2016. He embraced Putin. Hard to imagine Putin would not like to have Trump in the WH again and would like to help him again by deepening division here amongst the primed, exploiting our openness.

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What's scary is, people aren't taking this seriously enough. This was a real actual coup attempt. Wild to think of in 2022, but it really happened.

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