While the *schadenfreude* of Trump tripping himself up in his defense thanks to his ego is hard to resist? He's not just hurting himself and the Republican Party, he's damaging respect for the very institutions he crapped on to get his way.

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That’s his plan to destroy the institutions we trust, to make it so the people question the validity of the law. He’s been a flim-flam man his whole life.

Destroying our Institutions & the people’s trust, is only the first step in his next grift,and this one’s too important, we can’t ignore it.

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If the journalist interviewing Trump was playing dumb to lull him into a sense of comfort before getting him to reveal that his plans for action were not really caused by being told by his lawyers, she need not have gone to all that trouble. Clearly Trump is unable to control himself. Still, a former correspondent for NBC said in the Daily Koz that he was concerned that a deal had been made to interview Trump in an easy way with his team. I was wondering what the agreement with his "handlers" was like too.

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Thank you Liz Dye and Aaron.

I personally feel we should let

Trump keep running his mouth on Truth(sic) Social

and anywhere else he's

recorded. Let him dig himself

in deeper; can't help himself.

Wonder if Lauro, like Kise, got

his money upfront. 😁

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"I could give you many books." As Jonathan Swan responded "What books??" Probably one of my favorite responses by an interviewer...ever. Too bad it didn't happen this time. But it was delicious to see Trump step in his own shit yet again.

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