Not at all the point, but Noah has one of the best last names in the history of last names.

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It wasn’t just the Trump administration who allowed violations of the Hatch Act. The FBI agents in the NY field office deliberately leaked damaging information about investigations into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to damage her campaign and help get Trump elected. Both Comey and McCabe caved to the pressure from those leaks.The DOJ’s Inspector General’s report about the FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails made it clear that top DOJ and FBI officials were well aware of that pressure but did nothing to stop what was going one. That was Obama’s DOJ, not Trump’s.

Both Comey and McCabe allowed themselves to be pressured by those leakers into making damaging information about investigations of Clinton public while keeping information about investigations of Trump’s campaign secret.

The IG opened an investigation of those leaks, an investigation the media has chosen to ignore. I have no idea if it has ever concluded.

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