It seems to me that America does indeed have a two tiered system of justice. Any defendant other than Donald Trump would have been treated a lot more harshly by the criminal justice system for what he has done and continues to do. It speaks ill of the US media that this point is not made more frequently.

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One Hundred Thousand Dollars PER WORD on Truth Social, as a sanction against Trump's lawyers. That ought'a get their attention.

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Trump is the "FORMER" president. He's just an every day Joe now, seriously and should be treated as such.

As for the Secret Service that

tax payers are funding, let him hire his own security.

In my opinion, and yeah I know, lots of opinions stink, but these should receive serious consideration. I think

changes need to be made in

vaca time for the congress &

senate; no work - no pay/ gov't shutdown; 40 hr work

week like everyone else; no Secret Service lifetime coverage once out of office,

breaking oath or any malfeasance, immediate

suspension without pay, etc. The list could get long.

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On October 5th you wrote "Judge Chutkan has scheduled an October 16 hearing on the motion for a gag order. This would not appear to indicate that she views the matter of Trump’s social media posts as particularly urgent," which to me carried a strong implication of skepticism that she would actually end up imposing a gag order. Well now she did and you're skeptical that she's going to punish him in any meaningful way if (really when) he violates it.


I don't expect to see him locked up when it happens. I do however expect Chutkan to actually do something that would restrict him politically, like a ban from social media or confining him to the state of Florida without prior approval, etc. She knows his pressure points and she'll use them.

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Oct 22, 2023Liked by Liz Dye

Hey, Liz, I enjoy your work on Above the Law and I am thrilled to see it here! Yeah, he's going to violate it. I am hoping that one of the judges has the guts to make him spend at least an afternoon stepped back. Without his phone. He would HATE it. I am worried that Judge Chutkan is losing her nerve, what with the administrative stay, though.

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“There’s really no precedent for throwing a defendant with a secret service detail in jail “

So what?

He has the detail to protect his safety. It’s nonsensical to suggest someone in custody can’t be kept safe. It’s done all the time.

People keep saying “But he was President” as if that alone is all that needs to be said. Yeah, he was. So what? What’s your point?

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Engoron just threatened trump with jail because his campaign did not take down the bit about the court clerk though it had been deleted from Tweetuth. Trump's attorneys called this an "oversight."

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I suspect Trump's inability to control himself would indicate he needs psychological attention. I wonder if any of the judges on his cases could remand him to a looney bin for the duration of his life.

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That would need, at very least, doctors testifying that he needs confinement fur psychological reasons. Which would be countered by his attorneys bringing doctors to testify to the opposite.

In other words, lots of delay with little chance of success.

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Whatif there was a separate suite?

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The nerve of Lauro to invoke George Orwell turning everything he stood for inside out, a "Newspeak". They so believe their lies that it's their truth. They have enough takers apparently.

Allowing Trump to rant and accuse may work against him ultimately.

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Thanks for insights. Please place the notice that I’m subscribed higher in the post, near or even above the ad to take advantage of a lower price for whatever. I subscribe to several substacks (some paid and others not). Besides the obvious quality and economy, I use whether the substacker is kind to those who don’t and good to those who do in order to decide whether to pay.

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