Arizona already had its Supreme Court expanded from 5 to 7 when GOP had control. Ducey appointed 2 conservatives despite the Chief Justice at the time saying it wasn’t necessary. The case load didn’t justify it. One of his appointments was Clint Bolick, Goldwater Institute attorney and family friend of Ginni and Clarence Thomas.

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I wonder if Bolick accepts "State Level" vacations from oligarch friends like Clarence Thomas does. Just no more than perhaps $100,000 vacations. Can't make it look too friendly.

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“This hypocrisy makes sense, however, when you realize that the GOP — and the Texas GOP in particular — no longer has an interest in treating courts like democratic institutions.”

One of the great strengths of the Republicans’s position is that people on the left consistently balk on calling them out blatantly on their shit. Some misplaced sense of decorum has us soft peddling objections to what they’re doing. It is a suicidal mistake.

It’s likely unconscious, but no less suicidal. And we have to guard against it and make sure we don’t do it.

For example, “when you realize“ and “no longer” makes it sound like their rampant hypocrisy is some thing that we just figured out, and something the GOP has only recently started to do.

Replace those excusing phrases with “given” and “has no“ and you avoid normalizing them and rightly (and accurately) call them out as long-standing dedicated hypocrites that they are:

“This hypocrisy makes sense, however, GIVEN that the GOP — and the Texas GOP in particular — HAS NO interest in treating courts like democratic institutions.”

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“But, when you can’t win because you have terrible policies, you have to change the rules.”

Exactly. Republicans are like a child who spends hours of effort trying to explain why they didn’t spend far less time just doing the homework.

Republicans spend a vast amount of time and energy pushing anti-Democratic (and typically unconstitutional) schemes to keep themselves in power.

If they spent half as much effort actually coming up with policies that people agree with they could win elections and be in power legitimately. But clearly Republican minds just don’t think that way.

Their only interest is in controlling people, not helping them.

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