The issue of Christian fascism brings up other concerns that are never discussed in the open.

In my 41 years as an RN, I have seen religious convictions influencing patient care.

On my first job, I was orienting to replace an evangelical nurse, who in her last week boldly proclaimed that she did not give a pain medication to a terminal teenager with a brain tumor because “he was not reaching out to God.” She should have been terminated on the spot and the head nurse should have taken her assignment, but that did not happen. I left that hospital a few months later. How many patients received that same level of concern over her long career? How many health care workers do this quietly?

Personally, when my mother was in the nursing home, she had an advanced directive in place. The nurse called me that she likely suffered a stroke and wondered if we wanted her sent to the ER. I said no, Mom did not want that. The nurse reacted to my no with dismay. She was judging our promise to our Mom to let her have the right to die.

How did the day proceed? I was at my Mom’s bedside within minutes, as oxygen was applied and suction equipment was brought in. Mom quickly was unconscious. She was comfortable, warm, no labored breathing and our priest gave her the sacrament of the sick.

I called my 6 siblings and all but 2 were able to get to her bedside before she was born to eternal life.

A nephew and his wife brought their one year old, and we all told family stories and helped keep our Mom comfortable.

Instead of interfering with natural death with emergency care, she passed hearing laughter and gratefulness-not monitor beeps, overhead pages, IV jabs and lab draws. She had her stroke at 7:00am, and drew her last breath that evening, surrounded by love.

A fascist religious America could impose an end to advanced directives. Think about that.

As abortion goes, I have always thought that the 10 Commandments covered killing. I learned that sin is a personal choice. I have never looked to politics to guide my relationship with God. These extreme religious zealots really have always just wanted to one up Jesus himself! They think it’s their golden ticket to heaven.

What a sad time to be an American.

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May 4, 2022·edited May 4, 2022

Which is why we should understand and keep strictly to separation between what is legal and what is a personal religious or political belief. We have no right to impose our religious beliefs on everyone through law. This is what people who are anti-abortion rights are pushing, their beliefs. And they have made it law. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that there is a specific right to abortion as other specific rights are not enumerated. But the Constition also does not grant citizenship to the unborn.

These folks are all ready to celebrate all the babies they have saved!!

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May 3, 2022·edited May 3, 2022

First law of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This might wake Democrats up enough.

RBGinsburg said that Roe was wrongly based. Abortion rights should be based not on privacy but on equal protection -14th amendment. Taking away (or not defending) a woman's right to decide such a primary issue about her life, treats a woman differently than a man. Only a woman can have a child. I object to the religious interference in this issue. A fetus, the unborn, is NOT a citizen of the US. The government has no right to favor it's "right to life" over that of the life of a woman, a citizen, to choose whether to carry a fetus. The fanatics and some of the religious call abortion murder. War is murder. The death sentence is murder. Allowing people to have assault guns that are weapons of war is murder.

Perhaps if Roe is struck down, we will have a better law. One can hope. In the meantime I foresee groups popping up, an underground railroad of sorts, to help the poor women who need an abortion get to where they can have a safe one.

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A twitter thread talking about the leaker most likely being a conservative interested in setting this decision in stone.


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Far and away most likely impact of the leaked draft is that it locks in 5 votes for this opinion, essentially without edits. Who would want that? So: This is about as extreme an opinion as you can have overturning Roe.

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Democrats need to make this the only issue every single day.

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I suspect this leak was by a conservative judge’s chambers, because getting people riled up now is a good way to dull the reaction when the opinion is released in June. The Republicans are right that the leak is a bad thing. The draft as released is a literal first draft, and a maximalist one at that, it remains to be seen what changes need to be made to keep the majority happy. Until the final version is out (which may be substantially narrower) we don’t know what the real risks are to other rights, so any discussion today other than in the abstract is premature.

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How do you post that version of the tweets without the like-reply-share icons and the "Read # Replies" tag at the bottom?

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