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Mar 1, 2022·edited Mar 1, 2022

Thank you for taking on the horrific state of events in Ukraine. We've been glued to it, donating what we can to Ukraine's cause, which is also ours though we sit here helpless. I think this entry, fits your purpose generally but is also a welcome change or shift from attention paid to the finer details of the Trump-GOP daily outrages (though necessary) now almost trivial by comparison. There is some "intersectionality" with what is happening now in Ukraine and Trump-Putin-Ukraine 2016 and on.

This literally unbelievable Russian Anschluss, assault, and the shock photos (and info coming out) now does widen perspective, gives another angle to what we are all fighting for here (or should be). And in relief it shows the reactionaries amongst us, traitors to the idea of democracy and the rule of law and human decency, those who betray us in favor of reaction, tribalism, distortion,misinforrmation and lying .

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