I have a contrary opinion. It’s a reasonable question. Is the free world going to stand by while Putin commits genocide in Ukraine because he has nukes? What other countries are we willing to abandon? Why would we let Putin continue to believe his actions will have no consequences as long as he threatens to use nukes? Further, we’ve sanctioned the living hell out of Iran for 40 years and while sanctions clobber ordinary Iranians they really do nothing to the Imams. And they arguably hurt ordinary people in Western countries by increasing the price of energy. Perhaps it will be different this time, it certainly seems like the sanctions are harsh. I was never in the military and I’m 63 so probably I never will be. So in that sense it’s easy for me to ask the question.

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I've never been in the military either and, at 67, it's unlikely that I will join soon. Still, my kids are Aaron's age. Aaron is currently raising a young daughter & expecting his second child... in his shoes, I would consider the possibility of nuclear holocaust untenable and unthinkable.

I am, as I suspect you are, rightly angered by our government's reluctance to provide Ukraine with more offensive weapons. That is the LEAST I think we should be doing in light of the atrocities committed thus far. That is a long way, however, from committing troops on the ground or in the air. It might be seen as equal provocation by a madman, but I'm thinking he might hesitate if we only supply equipment. Troops in any capacity, though, will seal the deal into full-blown armed conflict in Europe with everything Putin feels like throwing at us.

That, for me, is a bridge waaaay too far.

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Apr 7, 2022·edited Apr 7, 2022

I also want to see a coalition or NATO clobber Putin and I hate that Putin is having his way unaffected ( it seems at the moment, certainly undeterred) because of his nuclear blackmail. But I don't want to see more dead and hotter war either. The Kremlin is beautiful but that could also be burned... Putin's digs as well. Those who study war and study Putin say, and I think it's so, that Putin will not stop until he has been exhausted/defeated. He's got plenty to go. He can destroy Ukraine so there is nothing to come back to for many or most Ukrainians. Is this a good precedent for the future, for hope for a better future for our kids and grandkids? And more of it by example of what can be done by nuclear threat? Proliferation of nukes as well? There are some wars that have to be fought. I am certain Hitler had to be fought. Iraq and Afghanistan not. Viet Nam not. Those wars were unnecessary. The nuclear game of chicken (where we must be the responsible parties while the bad actor/s can threaten) keeps us from fighting a war that should be fought. I posit:sometimes, maybe rarely, war is necessary. The key is which and when. In fact Putin can simply say we are already in a war with him ( and we are). This is only the beginning of a ratcheting up of war. Putin says he is fighting us...the US, NATO. He will gather his buddies to the East to join, China principally. And then you will have world war if you don't call it that already.

I don't think sanctions are going to stop this mass murder (some are calling genocide). The World Criminal Court will not stop this. We will not get off of oil (which we should) fast enough. Our measures will take a long time to have effect. In the meantime it's mass murder and scorched earth.. and it should be reported at least and we should see it and watch Ukraine fighting for it's life and a better world.

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