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Thank you. The news business has always been scoop-seeking. "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!" But it's particularly harmful and irresponsible when there is the ill-intentioned means at the ready to spread outright lies, dis and misinformation like never before. Ultimately this is counter-productive especially if a venue (including the "quality" news business)cares about and is looking for reader trust.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes” apt and true here even though Mark Twain did not say it.

By the time the malevolent get their "catch", it's almost if not too late to correct; at best an uphill battle. And history books are written from this.

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It seems to me that editors, headline writers and journalists received new, unintended job training on how to cover the 🤡 admin and its 100+ lies every day.

To survive, inflammatory “gotcha” stories became the norm—they needed to match 🤡’s rhetoric since that’s what consumers craved, thereby increasing the size, success and profitability of newsrooms.

Of course, it’s clear the msm also contributed to 🤡 getting the nomination and then the election, and that’s a self-created problem few members of the media will ever admit.

Now newsrooms don’t know how to reverse the inflammatory headlines and stories and return to normalcy. Some that may have tried have laid off new hires, shut down completely or become scooped up by bigger media companies.

Both MSM and consumers have to be retrained, but it may be an impossible task.

Keep trying, Aaron.

Your reporting is fair and accurate, often tinged with your trademark humor. That style of reporting can only be successful if it is written by someone who is acutely self aware—and that is you.

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A huge AMEN. The skewed expectations drive me crazy, and for goodness sake, shouldn't Biden be able to go to funerals and visit family graves without being criticized? I could care less about "analyst expectations." It's like parents who are disappointed when their 10th grader gets one A- on an otherwise straight-A report card. Constant focus on the negative. I would hate to be a spouse or child of the reporters and editors you cite.

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I agree with your assessment that there are far more erroneous things that Biden can be taken to task for…but it’s always the “low hanging fruit” that “journalist” seem to go for these days…let’s admit it…Biden is boring and keeps his priorities straight and has done more for this country in one year that the pass administration has done in 8…the papers miss (I personally don’t) the daily angst and rub the old administration gave them…makes their jobs easier…

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Thanks for the clarification. I did read that WP tweet and was pissed immediately about the criticism. My question to you Aaron regarding journalism is is this some journalists that really are not following the rules and stating biased opinions or is this them trying to say they are doing fair and balanced reporting because they punched at Trump at times too?

Also, I'm glad you pointed out the Politico debacle with inaccurate reporting. Justice Sotomayor already got hit with the CDC correction on the statistics she quoted in the hearing regarding covid in children. She didn't need lies. Thanks for reporting on it. I missed both the misinformation and the correction.

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Paula -- I think it's more the latter, that journalists are trying to be critical of Biden in a manner similar to how they approached Trump but are just missing the mark at times. The irony is that I strongly suspect very few staffers at Politico actually voted for Trump.

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Thank you for pointing this out because I’ve been fuming about the headphones, funerals, jobs reports and I’ll get an ulcer if these morons aren’t called out for this crap. Screw Minnesota Nice, I want their jobs in peril!

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