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“dismemberment of fully conscious children"?!?

WTF? Has it really come to that?

I'd put it back on the GOP: "and what would you call school shootings??"

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“Opposing Democrats”

Which is pretty much to ONLY policy position Republicans have.

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We’ll, that and making sure people are hurt. For Republicans, cruelty is the objective.

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Nov 1, 2023Liked by Aaron Rupar

I think a problem here in NC is the blue cities. I've been in Charlotte since 2007, and if one is not keeping up with politics, people don't know what's going on. Luckily, we have a pragmatic Dem governor (Roy Cooper) who did an admirable job during the pandemic. NC ranks up there with Vermont and NH using several metrics. But that has set up Republicans getting some of the credit and the race for governor next year as critical. We could have a FL situation here if that happens, depending on how MAGA the legislature decides to be. But the die is cast - NC will be a blue state, eventually. There are too many liberals flocking to our cities, especially from the NYC area.

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You still have a lot of old money billionaires. Maybe they will die off before the last vestiges of democracy die.

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Do NOT think it's futile to vote. Your vote counts, no matter what! Look at some

of these state races and

how they were decided by

just a few hundred votes!


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It almost seems futile to vote....was the GOP always this small and mean? I already voted in VA but we have Youngkin here and he's as bad as any of them. Lordy, this is so damn frustrating!

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