I think it's time we stop pretending this is a legitimate court.

The conversative justices only work for their billionaire benefactors.

We need to just ignore the rulings from this SC. It's a joke...

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I do not understand why the Supreme Court is even hearing this case. The 16th amendment (ratified on 2/3/13) reads: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. Notice the phrase "whatever source derived"; there is no limiting language. For originalists, this should settle the issue. Section 61 of the Internal Revenue Code defines gross income as income from whatever source derived. The investment motivation of the Moore's is irrelevant and should not have been part of the argument. Corporations do not have to pay dividends and it's irrelevant, for tax purposes, which shareholders have a say in this decision. US tax law is extremely broad and although there are code sections covering specific types of income subject to tax, with a lot of exceptions, it still falls back on the "whatever source derived". The US also taxes every US citizen on their worldwide income regardless of country of origin with exceptions, deductions and tax credits available. There is also a concept called constructive receipt which taxes income to which you have control and access, even if you do no have actual possession. The Moore's could have sold their stock at any time to access their increase in wealth. When you die, all of your assets are measured at their fair market value and estate taxes are assessed accordingly. This too, is constitutional. Realize that this case is a prelude to eliminating the federal estate tax which currently taxes estates in excess of $12.920,000. There will never be enough tax breaks for the wealthy if Republicans have their way.

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“have resorted to mischaracterizing or outright lying about the facts to get their preferred results”

Well, of course they have. They have absolutely nothing else.

If Republicans and “conservatives“ had to tell the truth about their policies or their goals they’d never win another election or a court case ever.

That’s why they have to rely on voter suppression, gerrymandering, and putting crooked justices in place so they can pass unconstitutional laws.

Lying is the only thing they’ve got.

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SCOTUS appears to be One Big Party - for the wealthy.

Thankful for Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's work on ETHICS for SCOTUS. Hope it sticks!

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This is so infuriating; even more so because nothing can be done. These people are on the court for life and can mold the country in any way they please.

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