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I wish I knew more about what was going on behind the scenes at the White House and the pentagon. I personally feel that Biden has not said enough publicly to denounce Tuberville. Then again, his words, “Tens of thousands of America’s daughters and sons are deployed around the world tonight keeping us safe from immense national security challenges. But the senator from Alabama [Tuberville] is not.” Is pretty bad ass.

As a military wife of 34 years, I know damn well how badly this is hurting our troops. from the top all the way down to corporals,

It’s a horrific domino effect going all the way down the chain of command.

I truly hope that this idiotic stunt blows up in their faces. They really shouldn’t have any authority to mess with how our military runs. None.

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We can but hope, but McCarthy Senior did a lot of damage before he fell and I'm inclined to think bigotry is popular with large swathes of the population. I haven't detected any back-lash yet from the military or the public. My guess is that this is yet another example of Republicans being more concerned with winning intra-party battles-where highly conservative members are a key block of votes at the expense of how this goes down in general elections. My guess is that for swing voters and not politically engaged voters this culture war fighting is irrelevent and represents lost opportunities to reach them rather than repelling them. But we can but hope.

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America's Achilles Heel is its white supremacy and the way that elevates outright mediocrity and stupidity. Other nations know it, and we refuse to acknowledge it here with our full throats because of how its embedded into so many people's lives (who don't know any better). It's clear our national security is connected to acknowledging and addressing racism in the most realistic manner. Trump came into office after anti-intellectual demagoguery that targeted specific segments of the nation. If the GOP can't be smothered in the 2024 election, and our multicultural democracy allowed to flourish, then it proves that we are not an exceptional nation. Factionalism and classism mire us like it has other empires. In America, class and race are a symbiotic relationship.

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How much it might the cost Alabama to have Tuberville interfere with the military can already be seen in the Presidents decision to not locate the Space Command in that state. The military can not afford to negotiate about culture war issues when it comes to its' readiness and the health and welfare of the troops.

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In Israel the right wing push for judicial reform has resulted in reserve air force pilots refusing to report for training. The parallel with Tuberville and the stalling of military promotions is obvious.

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A national security risk that I think we should highlight more is that Trump's decision to move US Space Command—in the last 18 days of his term—was political retaliation against the entire state of Colorado.

Space Command was slated to stay at Peterson Space Force Base until 2026. It will be at full operational capacity this month.

Colorado has more than 274,000 people across Colorado employed in national-security aerospace and the state leads the nation in per capita employment in private aerospace.

Not to mention the Air Force Academy and that CU-Colorado Springs is a leader in cyber security.


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