Hey Aaronl,

We get all of what you said! For me I think that my issues are:

1. Half the country lost its morals. How do you reason with people who are ok with a conman and thief. I just watched Inventing Ann's and saw so many similarities and read that's its girls out here idolizing Anna S. for her breaking all the rules. There is something wrong with our society that's ok with thieves, hustlers and con artist. Some people root for The Wolf of Wallstreet. In the movies people rooted for Gordon Gecko. So, this is where half the country is.

2. We can turn the channel to tune Trumpism out or not watch Fox. But, I agree we need to know. Trump has and is currently waging a war on the rest of us by invoking hate, conspiracy, and physical violence. We do need to know what he is saying and doing all though I'm so tired of him and his voice, his children, and acolytes inside and outside the WH that push his lies and his brand of breaking all the rules. As a Black women, I am offended to th 100th power of his using the legal system to break the laws. Go figure. He is good at it.

3. I'm so pissed at the fact that journalist can get into trouble calling him a liar, a conman, a thief, etc. Why use elaborate words that make it a gray area about his behavior?

4. Finally, narcissism of Trump is in plain sight. This used to be behavior that we looked at in the negative. His behavior has been identified by psychological drs as fitting about 5 isms. None good. They, the GOP and others, still voted him in and still love his dirty underwear. That means it is something wrong with our society that worships a "strongman". He is a bully, ignorant and power hungry. He displays all the negative behaviors for which we discipline our children.

Unfortunately we need to know what's going on. Although he still has not been convicted of any of his many crimes, we still need to be informed.

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This was excellent, Aaron. There are some outrageous and frightening things he says that we need to know. The execution statement is a threat.

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Quote him if you must, but add the context: dementia’d, desperate and dangerous. ♥️

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Mazars knows god damn good and well Trump is a criminal. Fuck them. I hope they lose their license.

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As long as he has a microphone, he has an audience. And as long as people think they're subject matter experts after reading an article on the internet, we have a problem

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