Is Trump a cartoon character, or a trading card character? Pokémon? A case could be made for each. Perhaps he is a cartoon character in a trading card. Basically he is a grifting swag purveyor and went for the White House so that he could monetize the job. So, if the Omnibus bill passes what voting rights will be protected under that bill? Hopefully some means of holding the Supreme Court justices to account. They have a scandalous, Opus Dei obeying bunch. We can thank Donald Trump and his fellow Republican grifters from teaching us all of the weak points in our constitution like how to have the courts run the country and make legislation and totally curtail the executive branch too. Are they going to be in charge of the military as well? I have wanted parliamentary government for years, although England does not make it look so good, of course White Supremacist England makes nothing about their government look good. Too bad White Supremacists in the USA do not see what a mess England made of chucking immigrants out. They are more short staffed than we are. What I like about parliamentary government is that there is not the term limits that we have. Running a country takes experience and skill, which is developed over time. Our system lends itself to mediocrity and short term planning and legislation. Not a good model for taking on big problems that have been a long time in the making. --Musk may claim that he is giving up leadership because of voting, but the German courts have also had a say. He cannot just act without impunity. Everyone who wants protection from Twitter needs to be publishing under the German flag, then they can use German censors to take offensive posts down.




Of course, by firing the German content monitoring team, I guess Musk is just going to see what they can do to him. I believe at least one such person is taking Twitter to court. If German courts fine him and he does not pay, since it sounds like he has not been paying many of his bills, and seeing whether Germany has means of forcing him to pay. I guess they can claim ownership of his Tesla factory in Germany if they need payment, but it is not clear that it is yet profitable. How about if he does not obey the laws Germans boycott Teslas and have protests outside his German factory every day. I for one am looking at the Nissan Leaf as my next car. Not every USA business can just relocate to Germany. Walmart could not manage it. There was a Walmart store near my mother-in-laws house one year and when visiting her a couple of years later it was gone. It seems that they could not get with the requirements to provide decent vacation, health care insurance and other benefits that their model does not accommodate. Better yet is if the EU takes on Twitter. All I can say is Ukraine should probably find a different network provider than Starlink if they want loyalty and someone they can trust. Elon Musk and his Apartheid politics is only loyal to himself. I do not use Twitter although I am tempted to now, just to see what one can do with it.

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The only reform that will accomplish anything is to ditch the EC altogether.

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Dec 21, 2022·edited Dec 21, 2022

Still looking for reform needed regarding improving our election system so that it legitimately reflects the will of voters. No rest until then, watching the SCOTUS and the Congress.

Musk is still in charge of Twitter,won't give up power so easily. He says the poll was rigged, though he's abided by others so rigged for his own benefit ( WSJ) so it's prudent to spread oneself widely as a journalist and reader and link, link, link. The lesson is old: don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Trump, I note, pathetically points to Hunter Biden in your twitter clip Aaron. He's a cartoon character to say the least. Amazing his perseverance in the face of all rushing against him. Captain Ahab....

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Late to the party here, and I don't have anything overly insightful to add....but I do want to say that there's no way that Trump has ever used the word promulgated or knows what it means. His Truth Social surrogate tries, but we always know (also note the lack of random capitalizations).

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Thanks for clearing that up about the bill because I thought it was going to stop it completely but I know better now thanks to you.Merry Christmas man

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