Thank you for this article. The US Catholic church should not deny Communion to President Biden. Worthiness is between each person and God, isn't it? God is our judge.

I agree with Joe Biden's position. As a Catholic, I can work to lesson the need for abortions. However, I am a retired nurse, and some abortions are necessary, and they must be medically safe. That's common sense. Do the bishops think that I sin when someone uses their right to have an abortion when their baby is dying in the womb at 15 weeks gestation because they have septicemia from a uterine infection (and both Mom and baby die unless the pregnancy is halted), uses their right to own a gun, not for hunting but for killing, or uses their right to drive a car, but drives drunk or distracted and causes death?

I think that the separation of Church and state actually strengthens our democracy (if we can keep it). A theocracy can be imposed by an authoritarian movement, but at what price? Are the bishops advocating this?

What sad times these are for the Catholic church in America. The sustained Trump admiration, MAGA involvement, QAnon interest, and the denial that 1/6/2021 was a true insurrection, that some priests and laity express in my area is mind boggling. Along with the mocking of science, the disregard of Covid guidelines, the promotion of Ivermectin, hydroxychoroquine, zinc and vitamins (presented from the pulpit at my former parish), instructing how to get a religious exemption for vaccinations, and unkind statements about Pope Francis.

That's why I chose to leave my parish. I love my Catholic faith and I did not leave that. Thankfully, I joined a dynamic and wonderful parish. They preach the Gospel. It's refreshing!

I don't think that many Catholics know about the big organized money behind this authoritarian theocratic and libertarian push in America. I would hope that the NAPA Institute gets more exposure. They changed the bio on their Twitter account to read, "The Napa Institute exists in order to inspire Catholic leaders to face and engage the growing secularization of the "next America." Their bio used to say "to help Catholics prepare for the "next America."

There is also the Acton Institute whose mission states: "The Acton Institute is a think-tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles." They "work" with all demoninations.

In addition, there is TFP: "The American TFP (tradition, family and property) is an organization of lay Catholic Americans concerned about the moral crisis shaking the remnants of Christian civilization." I have read that this movement is popular in Brazil too.

These are but a few examples. Then there is also Franklin Graham, who regularly offers support for Trump and thinks well of Putin. I remember a Franklin Graham tweet praising Trump within hours of the Helsinki press conference with Putin. Did anyone else in the entire world do that? Graham is never challenged on his views, and he removed that particular tweet a few months later-why? It seems that religious leaders conveniently hide behind their "religious freedom" to escape any accountability for their words and actions.

I would like to say that you have no idea how much I enjoy your pictures and videos of Mia. It really brightens some dark days! THANK YOU!!

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I grew up in the liberal Catholic church of the 1960s and left the church in the 70s over women's rights. One thing that seems to have gone unnoticed is the influence of Catholic radio, especially Spanish language Catholic radio. I have been told by those who listen to these outlets that they go on and on about abortion and were strongly supporting Trump in 2020. I worried that would skew projections in states like California, Texas, and New Mexico. As far as I could tell, no one covered this story.

p.s. My priest gave me the money for my first abortion at age 17 in 1970! Times have certainly changed.

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Great interview. I would have never thought that Catholics skew liberal.

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