Above and beyond the individual news articles, I think what we're seeing is the unequal nature of US political demographics and the business approaches of media markets, overall.

"Left-leaning" or central outlets try to appeal to potential right-wing readers by being "fair" (read: hyper-critical) of Democratic reps, in attempt to grow their brand and repair reputations after decades of the Repubs 'working the refs' by claiming all non-rightwing news is biased again Repubs.

Meanwhile, right-leaning outlets have no similar compunction. There is no goal for these outlets to bring in left-leaning eyeballs because their mission statement isn't to present news, but to instead explicitly present the rightwing view of everything as a counter to "mainstream" news.

The losers in this dynamic are ordinary people. There is no outlet that presents a good view of the left, as whether it's left-leaning or right-leaning, all outlets are being super critical of leftwing politicians. There's no home for people who don't want to be influenced by ulterior-motive backed articles hyper-critical of democratic politicians, like there is for rightwingers during rightwing admins. Nobody is asking for that same level of propaganda for the left -- but at the least not a failure in the other direction. Every outlet reads like the WSJ opinion page now, all a "yes but" rebuttal to actual good economic news and progress forward as a nation.

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After 4 years of Trump histrionics and circus-performing acts, the media cannot seem to return to normalcy. They're like drug addicts looking for their next fix that will bring that 'high' of clicks, responses, and ratings. Why else would we be experiencing a barrage of Trump, Boebert, MTG, etc., etc? Because they know these people continue to trigger responses.

Joe Biden's normalcy and integrity are too boring for them.

Secondly, if Biden wants his ratings to soar, it would behoove him to kick Garland's ass into action. Trump is literally getting away with the equivalent of shooting someone on 5th Ave.

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As one who is almost alway supportive of the press, this has been bothering me for some time and I thought it WAS just me! That it's not, and it's happening somewhat consistently, is disturbing.

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This is refreshing to read: <i>Less than a year removed from an insurrection that showed how deadly serious Trump and his supporters are about ending democracy, and heading into a midterm election where an increasingly authoritarian Republican Party is likely to retake control of one or both branches of Congress, journalists have big choices to make. Do we write about legislation and elections in a way that helps readers understand the stakes of what’s going on, or do we instead spend our time writing hit pieces about Kamala Harris or looking for a negative angle for everything we write about the president?</i>

There has been a change in news that is even coming from sources like the New York Times and Washington Post. They have had opinion from both sides in the past, but it seems now that the news itself has become editorial, especially the headlines. (Hillary's emails! The pile up on Andrew Cuomo for harassment). They harrass! They follow one another and compete for the heat, the anger, the clicks = ads. The news has always been a business and maybe I am wrong but there used to be more editorial responsibility exercised especially in the quality papers before they were threatened by the widening of venues, journalistic independence, Twitter and Facebook and all the independents practicing now (like here..yay!). That adds to (or causes) the stove piping (siloing) of information ( mis and dis information too). They want your subscriptions, hide good stuff behind pay walls. They want the ad dollars more than ever. The news seems to have succumbed more to capitalism while giving up more on it's special role: being essential to an informed citizenry. Now they cater to what and to whom serves them and it's not the good of the country... or so it seems.

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I'm old enough to remember the WH Press Corps' policy statements phrased as questions that were spit at 45 with derision. Biden's never faced on attack-dog question like that, to my knowledge.

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The US MSM wants to sell subscriptions/get ratings so they want sensational headlines that sow division. They learned how valuable division was in TFG’s years. They don’t want it to stop. It’s really a bummer. They are becoming complicit in dividing our country. We need more truth tellers like you AARON; proud to say my daughter is majoring in journalism at Ithaca college even in these money grubbing times😁

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And Axios has an article today, "Young Dems more likely to despise the other party," based on the fact that college Democrats are less likely to date or do business with people who vote Republican. No mention of the fact that maybe it's not "despise" but an interest in preserving democracy from a party that tried to stage a coup, lied about it, and continues to purge people who reject the idea of overthowing the government if they don't like election results.

Instead, it's framed as a "partisan" issue!!

Dear Axios, we don't accept overthrowing the government as a legitimate party stance. Why is that hard to comprehend?!

And a few days ago they had a headline "Some Republicans fear Roe win could backfire" but went on to explain that for elections, probably "pocketbook" issues will dominate abortion.

Like WHAT?! People aren't going to care about loss of constitutional rights, cycles of poverty, aggression towards women as much as the myth that inflation is wrecking all our economic success? Record-breaking, expectation-busting jobs, GDP, wage growth??

Heaven help us. Their brain dead.

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Yeah this has been obvious for months and frankly is infuriating to see.

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I like how you never consider for a second that Biden is clearly senile and nobody likes or respects him

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